Mirjami Schuppert is a curator based in Belfast. Having graduated with an MA in Cultural History from the University of Turku in 2008, she successfully completed a practice-based PhD in curating in 2016. Her research explored the critical potential of artistic interventions into photographic archives and the curator’s role in this process.

The focus of her curatorial practice is commissioning new context and site-specific works. Contemporary curators should be involved in the contemporary art world as critical participants. The potential of curatorial practice lies within the varied role of the curator as a facilitator, mediator, but also initiator. In her practice, Schuppert has developed a dialogical curatorial model and focused on the working relationship between the curator and artists. Schuppert is interested in time and its cyclicality; how the past, present, and future coexists in and through the works of art. In this note, she considers critical curatorial practice as an open, slowly evolving process that is willing to experiment and develop initiatives with unforeseen outcomes.

ACES award (Arts Council Northern Ireland) winner 2018-2019.