Anticipated fictions; monumental configurations

13 February- 04 March 2017

A solo exhibition by Dorothy Hunter


“Anticipated fictions; monumental configurations” is based on theoretical destruction and (re)construction in conflicting ideologies. The work explores the bookending of time and space through the private sector, urban planning and public space – in both future mitigation and past recognition – in two existing instances in Magherafelt.

The exhibition, consisting of a film installation and sculptural installation, plays on the nature of information available, adding referents and expanding contexts to change its reading. The work plays with the potentiality, and tension between stability and instability.

 The film on the Windell company, a curtain wall and blast enhanced glazing specialist that adapted their constructing processes to the changing nature of localised and worldwide terror threat, examines structural technologies that are latent, construction methods and online presence that fluctuates to fit the nature of contemporary threat. The sculptural installation is based on a conflict through planning permission for two opposing memorials directly beside one another in the main street of the town, played out through local media and the online planning portal. In this process, the bureaucratic paths in the planning process become a medium for protest, and the physical presence of two different monuments is not actually required.

Using the reassurance of a fixed and physical presence against the regulated yet fluctuating and unstable information online, how individual citizens relate to theoretical, monumental scale and input into public space, and segueing across historical and contemporary conflicts, the exhibition operates as unstable informative media in film, text, and sculpture.

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Photo credit: Simon Mills