27 February – 7 March 2013

Pollen Studios & Gallery

University Gallery, Ulster University Belfast

Magellan Clancy, Frederic Huska, Fergus Jordan, Martin Krenn, Dave Loder, Belinda Loftus, Andrea Theis

Curators: Dave Loder and Mirjami Schuppert

There is continuing discussion around notions of practice based (or practice led and practice with) research, yet it all seems rather theoretical; the actual work that is produced by the researcher is not visible, or at least work is not often publicised as “based on doctoral research”. Questions arise on the legitimacy of an artwork that is produced as part of academic research. Or is it more appropriate to inquire into deeper questions regarding how a work can render its research visible, as well as asking what the most suitable platforms are to reveal the work.

Titled ‘Invisibility’, the exhibition will address issues on the visibility and invisibility of practice based research in academic and extra-academic environments. The exhibition aims at making visible the work produced by PhD researchers at the University of Ulster. Current and past practice based PhD students from Art and Design were invited to submit artworks addressing the many aspects of invisibility. The artworks displayed in the exhibition explore and interrogate not only on the visibility or invisibility of practice based research, but also the individuals understanding of invisibility and what it means in their work as both artists and academic researchers.


Photo credit: Dave Loder