KURZE FILME im Pferdestall

28 – 29 August 2020

Pferdestall, Potsdam

During the two evenings KunstHaus Postdam is hosting film screenings at an off-site location, bringing artists’ work outside the gallery setting. The films provide a short glimpse into the themes, approaches, and interests of local artists currently working with moving image.

Each evening will show a selection of a few artists’ work as a continuous, projected loop, giving the visitors an opportunity to call in at any time between 18-22.

Programme Friday 28 August 2020

Jarkko Räsänen. Flush, 2019. 4min. 17sec. https://jarkko.persona.co

Susanne Wehr. Re:cut, 2017. 15min. https://pictures-paradise.de    

Robert Gschwantner. Perfect Circle, 2007. 8min. 58sec. http://www.robertgschwantner.com/en/         

Melanie Jame Wolf. Forewarned, Forearmed, Foreshadowed, Foretold, 2020. 9min. https://www.savage-amusement.com

Arina Essipowitsch. About Time, 2020. 3min sequences. http://arinaessipowitsch.com

Loop duration approximately                                     46min              

Programme Saturday 29 August 2020

Aleks Slota. I HEARD SHAKESPEARE WROTE ‘KING LEAR’ IN QUARANTINE, 2020. 13min 57sec. https://www.aleksslota.com

Sibylle Wagner. Rikyu Grey (lense and painting, 2016), 2020. 1min. 45sec. https://www.sibylle-wagner.de           

David Krippendorff. Nothing Escapes my Eyes, 2015. 13min. 43sec. http://www.davidkrippendorff.com          

Betina Kuntzsch. Wegzaubern, 2015. 6min. 15sec. http://www.element-video.de

Anna Werkmeister. Dasein, 2014. 15min. 01sec. http://www.annawerkmeister.com    

Loop duration approximately                                     53min